Membership shall be conferred automatically without further application or subscription on every person:

  • Who can trace Rakiura Maori descent
  • All persons who can whakapapa to any of the following:
    • Tuturau Maori Reserve
    • Maranuku A and B
    • Tautuku A or section 1A2 of Block 1 x Tautuku
    • Ngati Mamoe Tupuna: Tu Te Makoku

Membership may be open to spouses of persons who eligible for automatic membership within the above clause.  (Clause 5. Hokonui Runanga Incorporated Rules)

Membership may be opened to such other persons as shall be nominated and approved by a majority of the members present at a Runanga Executive Meeting without further application or subscription.

Any person of Ngai Tahu whanui seeking membership of the Runanga may be asked to furnish proof of eligibility by way of whakapapa.

Membership shall also be conferred automatically upon those persons who as of the 1st August 2000 are existing registered Runanga members without further application or subscription.

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