Who we are

We wouldn’t be the organisation we are today without the dedication and hard work of the people working for you behind the scenes.


Hokonui Runanga exists as an Incorporated Society.  The smooth running or our organisation could not exist without the time given by our team of Executives.

Executives are elected by our members to best represent you in the running of our Runanga.  Because we are an Incorporated Society, their time is given voluntarily and is not paid.

See below for the current list of executives:

  • Taare Bradshaw - Kaiwhakahaere (Chairperson)
  • Terry Stott - (Vice Chairperson)
  • Netta Mackintosh (secretary)
  • Terry Nicholas (treasurer)
  • Rewi Anglem
  • Tui Bragg
  • Hinga Clark
  • Robyn Hellier
  • Marshall Hoffman
  • Kimiora Moananui
  • Alister Mclennan
  • Wendy Nicholas
  • Rodney Ryan
  • Rena Fowler
  • Linette Sinclair
  • John Rogerson
  • Grace Rogerson
  • Rosalie Foggo
  • Aaron Green
  • Maureen Wylie
  • Ian Rackley

Managing Trustee – Terry Nicholas

Terry manages the day to day activities of Hokonui Runanga, as well as our Health & Social Services. His focus is to ensure that the Hokonui Runanga can serve its members and the wider whanau and community. He believes that the Runanga can protect and enhance spiritual, cultural, organisational, educational and economic aspirations of Hokonui in a setting of excellence.

Find out more about Terry and his portfolios.


In order to achieve the objectives of the Runanga, outcomes have been organised into a series of portfolios.  Find out who is responsible for each area:

Find out more about individual projects in our Projects section.