Whānau Ora - health service

A new approach to health care

Whānau Ora seeks to reflect the aspirations of whānau, support them to be self-managing, and to take responsibility for their own social, economic and cultural development.

This approach requires a profound change in the way in which policies, programmes and services are currently designed and delivered across the social sector.
(Hon Tariana Turia, Minister Responsible for Whanau Ora.  20th June 2011)

The Moemoea – Vision for Te Waipounamu Whanau Services Collective

Whanau Rangitiratanga

Hokonui Runanaga Health and Social Services is one of the 26 providers in Te Waipounamu. that are part of the collective led by He Oranga Pounamu, and is the largest in the country.

Vision for whanau, quite simply – rangatiratanga

Collective aspiration:

To achieve optimum health and social outcomes for Whanau in Te Waipounamu  and be recognised world wide as a leader in provision of services by other first nations people in a model which is well resourced and has strong capability in people and systems.

Whanau Ora approach – Kurapounamu - a service delivery model that places whanau at the centre, empowered with the ability to determine their own outcomes, and supported to achieve them.


Kurapounamu is currently being developed as an interactive website where whānau can access a range of providers and services (both Māori and non-Māori) along with the choice to create their own development plans online or to contact a kaiawhina to work with them.

Essentially kurapounamu.co.nz is a gateway/one stop shop of health and social service providers who can support whānau to realise their own strengths in building their solutions.

It is managed and administered by He Oranga Pounamu on behalf of Te Waipounamu Whānau Services Collective currently comprising 27 contracted providers based in Te Waipounamu.

Whānau Ora Principles

1.        Best Whānau Outcomes

“We are contracted for “fix its”, but now we have the opportunity to continue to support whānau but more importantly to go right to the source of disempowerment”

2.        Whānau Opportunity

“Engagement + Enlightenment = Empowerment”

3.        Whānau Integrity

“To support whānau accountability, innovation and leadership, we may have to challenge ourselves, our service delivery models and practice methodology”.

4.        Nga Kaupapa Tuku Iho

Our roles, relationships with and responsibilities to whānau are based on whakapapa and Māori connectivity”

5.        Coherent Service Delivery

Every participating provider door will be the right door for  whānau”

6.        Competent and Innovative Service Provision

The Te Waipounamu Māori Whānau Services Collective will be a magnet for all government departments investing in whānau wellbeing”.

7.        Effective Resourcing

“Our collective workforce are whānau ora workers - a few dedicated FTE’s will have little to no impact for whānau in Te Waipounamu - capacity already exists in our organisations”