Taare Bradshaw

Kaiwhakahaere - Chairman

Taare was born in Bluff.  He is of Ngai Tahu, Mamoe, Waitaha descent on his Father's side and Te Arawa, Te Haurangi, Ngati Wairiau, Ngati Whakaaue on his Mother's.  He has been involved with Hokonui Runanga since 2002.

Taare is especially interested in passing on the knowledge of history and culture that he holds to future generations.

"Keeping our history alive for generations to come".

Liaising with the schools in the community as  cultural adviser for the Runanga  is one the roles he enjoys most.

He would like to see Hokonui Runanga continue to grow and develop and achieve financial independence.


  • Cultural Advisor – Iwi rep for all the local schools, businesses and organisations in the Gore District.
  • Appointed by Te aprangi to be a Guardian of Lake Wanaka
  • Sits on the Southland District Health Board Iwi Governance Komitti
  • Represents Runanga at Southland Museum and Art Gallery.

His focus is on keeping the Runanga at the front with the different Boards he sits on as he advocates for the members.

Guardians of Lake Wanaka

The guardians of Lake Wanaka play an important oversight role in the preservation of the lake.

The lake is protected by special legislation that provides the guardians with the power to make decisions that the shore line remains natural for the enjoyment of many generations to come.

The guardians are empowered under the lake wanaka preservation act 1973. They are responsible for reporting and making reccomodations to the Ministry of Conservation. Taare has been a guardian since the leglisation was brought in, whilst other members were selected by the ministry of conservation, Taare was selected by Ngai Tahu.

For more information regarding the act you can visit www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1973/0107/latest/whole.html

Murihiku Advisory Komitti – Police

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed Nga Runanga Ki Murihiku representatives and the New Zealand Police to establish and promote a collaborative working relationship between Nga Ki Runanga of Murihiku and the New Zealand Police.

The Memorandum of Understanding was to encourage and ensure consultation and discussion would take place on strategic priorities of both parties.  Those being safer communities and the development of crime prevention and education initiatives to reduce the over- representation of Maori as victims or offenders in the Criminal Justice and Road Safety Sectors.

Taare along with Rewi Anglem, represent Nga Runanga as a cultural advisers on this committee working with the Police to ensure increased responsiveness to the needs of Maori and promote safer communities.

Through a collaborative working relationship between Nga Runanga Ki Murihiku and the New Zealand Police, programmes will be developed that reinforce Government's commitment to enhance and improve the design, access delivery and monitoring of the policies that impact on Maori social outcomes as they apply to the police.